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Discussion in 'Update Discussion' started by LemonDaemon, Dec 1, 2011.

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  1. LemonDaemon

    LemonDaemon Green Slime

    Anybody know how to craft/what a Tinkerer's Workshop is? I used the Guide to see crafting recipes with stone and saw the boulder.. Just wanted to know if anyone knew what this item/place is, and if so, how to use it. Thanks!
  2. BlueBoy

    BlueBoy Tim

    Tinkerer's Workshop is used to combine certain accessories, such as Rocket/Hermes boots for Spectre Boots. It is sold by a lost goblin found underground after defeating a goblin army for 10 gold coins. I have yet to find him...
  3. BigBoogerBot

    BigBoogerBot Dark Caster

    You can sometimes find him in the dungeon.
  4. ZeroHunter

    ZeroHunter Cursed Skull

    Try the dungeons? He seems to spawn pretty well around there, to me at least. I. although am yet to find the wizard.

    Anyways, Like Blue boy said, the Tinkerer's Workshop is a buy-able item that is needed to do such things like the boulder. Although Im curious: why did you have the word "Wiring" If you currently don't have a question regarding that? or are you going to go through that right now?
  5. bob112

    bob112 Green Slime

    found a way to get free active stone blocks without having to get the wire from the macanic you just need to find a boulder trap under ground avoid setting it off and then mine the blocks the boulder is resting on
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