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Discussion in 'Player Creations & Screenshots' started by Mythril Guy, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Mythril Guy Voodoo Demon

    I have created a free build world that I will create wonderful looking farms, houses, etc.!

    I start of here:
    Terraria 2013-01-09 18-11-41-40.png
    As you can tell I seem to have taken the shot before I even loaded my char all the way.
    [Part 2]\/
    Terraria 2013-01-12 15-41-58-65.png
    Basic House, will be decorated more and look better in the future.

    Many more builds, and stuff to come! Post updated almost daily.
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  2. Cricket Lava Slime

    So you're going to be showcasing your builds? Sounds great.
  3. Mythril Guy Voodoo Demon

    Yes, that pretty much sums it up. Also they won't be huge unless I don't post one day, then I'm working on a better project. Also if I don't post for multiple days in a row then I'm not able to get on and make something.
  4. FireballJoe Eskimo Zombie

    Farms be kool!
  5. Mythril Guy Voodoo Demon

    Updated with a new part. From now on though new parts will be added like this post.
  6. Mythril Guy Voodoo Demon

    Part 3
    Basic Statue farming station.png
    Basic Statue Farming Station. Been a while.
  7. uiomancan Lava Slime

    Very nice!
    I see the tombstone on part 2 as well :)
  8. Mythril Guy Voodoo Demon

    Part 4
    My house has been updated and added a bedroom for me in the bottom right corner.

    Made a mob grinder. Hope it looks good. Timers soon to come to get the dart traps going to fend off mobs in hardmode that don't die easily.
    Boss Arena.png
    And finally a Boss arena. Picture taken at night (I know), but it is still visible and I will update its final version in daylight.
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  9. Cricket Lava Slime

    Very nice! Love the trees on the roof and how you didn't cut all of them down like I do.
  10. Mythril Guy Voodoo Demon

    Mini tree farm, no worrys. I cut them down to replenish my wood supply. Hoping to expand it or add a jungle wood tree farm
  11. MantasX12 Dungeon Guardian

    Is there going to be more of those ?:p
  12. Mythril Guy Voodoo Demon

    Many more of what?
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  13. Mythril Guy Voodoo Demon

    Been a while, yes, but I have been working hard. I have finally entered hardmode, preparing for some bosses. Might post a video for this thread fighting a boss in hardmode. I have moved to the left of spawn, revamped and redsigned my house. Vacated the old one, boo ho, yes, but it's better than before, trust me.

    Here it is:
    Terraria 2013-05-04 15-04-38-58.png

    I plan on adding more and more to make it look beast, but in hardmode you need to survive so I've been focusing on gathering materials to survive. I will begin to post more and more once I get the best items and can live without being over come by a zombie apocalypse.
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  14. uiomancan Lava Slime

    Still epic! You are a much better builder than me.
  15. MysteGames Mouse

    Can I have a request to lock this thread? I couldn't log on to that account so I made a new one.

    My computer was wiped and I lost this world. I will start over, just need to lock this thread.
  16. D-Town Business Director

    No more Mythril Guy? Oh dear. Well good luck starting over!
  17. MysteGames Mouse

    Thanks, but please don't reply to this thread as I requested a lock.

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