Pre 1.2 Worlds Of Chaos

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    Somewhere in Terraria an old evil has awaken from its dark,and cold rest that shall bring Chaos and destruction to Terraria,and only the few can stop its forces from corrupting the world,and its people. The one they call Corrosive is part of an ancient army of warriors to combat the Chaos,and Purge from tearing the world apart,and they where known as the Centerians,the highest rank, a Primarch was reserved for 4 Best of the Best warriors of the Centerian army,lower from that was the God Warriors which consisted of 8 highly trained soldiers that included Corrosive,also known as Exavior III.unfortunately,though the warriors could live to be 1,000 years old, 90% of them where put into stasis because of the toxic contaminants that had came from the Chaos lands, 9% died on the battlefield,and the lucky 1% survived without a scratch,that 1% was Corrosive while he was in Stasis uuntil chaos,and purge strike again,and so it began.
    Other than the events that had Corrosive in hiding, a young Veglashire citizen by the name of Alias learns of the Centerians, and their fight for order,and demands that the council,and its "Emperor" Ivan (Alexander) Veredine to discuss arrangements to sent him to find there great leader Corrosive from his own exile into the shadows,and if ALIAS succeeds he will be rewarded with a spot on the council.Although there isn't much time left as the world is destroying itself from all sides,and finding Corrosive is the key to Vegashire,and Terraria's survival.
    and so the Story begins.....
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    Typical story, didn't read.

    But I'm a little confused by this, it's a map right? If so, there is actually a map section here. Also why no actual shots of your creation/map? But some random image instead?
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    I'm waiting till I have the completed map so just hold off a second + I don't have access to my Shit-puter at the moment and I'm using my Kindel fire so I have no photos at the moment. but the for awareness on that. I'll upload one as soon as I get it.
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    Okay, but a better place for this thread would probably be here,

    I'll request that it be moved for you.
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  6. Stackerzgame

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    You wizard.
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    btw: thanks

    but if I get what @Stackerzgame wants would it be changed?
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    no. This is where it belongs.
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    I'm not sure what you mean. Stackerz was trying to be helpful in getting your thread in the right section do that folks interested will easily be able to find and get involved in it.

    Only mods can actually affect those moves - which I did.

    I don't think anyone intended offense
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    Player creations is a place for little builds like houses and ships and stuff. Since you say you have a full map, the map section is the best place for it, and since you say it isn't finished, WIP is the best place for it.
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    ok so yes this MAY have helped but I am used to Community Moderators trolling others creations and posting Propaganda of it to the Community,and the whole reason I mentioned if it was an offensive comment because of some horrible community fight moments I was dragged into by my "Friends" ,and they all chose to point the blame finger on me.

    (also if you want to know the Backstory to Vegashire I have the map on JSYK)

    *Achem* and that is my backstory to that,and now for my sign- off, - Description.exe has crashed, have a Fagtastic day-
  12. Loki ISP

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    In all honesty, I don't get the hostility or offense you are taking here.

    Though features and the like are parts of what we do, the base role is order and structure. This forum has sections - and now your map is in the right one. Maybe when it is done, it will be so epic, it will get that front page feature you want...which is what I assume you meant by propaganda?

    Don't know the backstory to friends and past drama with fingerpointing. Just dealing with this specific circumstance.

    Apologies for any confusion, happy to continue to clean it up.

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    propaganda: they made a forum post so it made my Ominethious username dishonorable,and tarnish by lies,

    ,but in other news what are you in the Terraria Badass scale? (just to acknowledge)
  14. Loki ISP

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    Well, consider this a fresh start then - I'm unaware of any tarnish on your name to date.

    None of the staff here participates in or condones trolling or harrassment of users.

    TO Badass scale? Never heard of it. :p
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    P.S. if you even looked at the page you would know more than just this,including the back-story, Characters, Citys,and Extras! (JSYFK)

    Also does anyone know how to build a great cannon made of wall?

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