WTS: Various 1.2 Weapons and Items

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  1. KasaraEm13

    KasaraEm13 Snatcher

    Biome Chests Weapons:
    Scourge of the Corruptor
    Rainbow Gun x2
    Piranha Gun
    Staff of the Frost Hydra

    Plantera Drops:
    Nettle Burst x5
    Flower Pow x2
    Leaf Blower x3
    Venus Magnum
    Grenade Launcher x4
    Pygmy Staff x2
    Wasp Gun x6

    Queen Bee Drops:
    Beekeeper x4
    Bee Gun x6
    Hive Wand x5

    Dungeon Drops:
    Shadowbeam Staff x3
    Wisp in a Bottle x3
    Sniper Rifle
    Rifle Scope
    Magnet Sphere x4

    Golem Drops:
    Golem Fist x4

    Pirate Drops:
    Cutlass x7

    Armor and Vanity:
    Ancient Gold Helmet x12
    Ancient Iron Helmet x16
    Skull (Vanity) x3
    Rain Hat and Coat Set

    Slime Staff
    Chain Knife x8
    Bone Sword x6

    Depth Meter x6

    Bone Key x6

    Bone Wand x2

    Pumpkin Moon+Goodie Bag Drops:
    All Costumes xInfinity
    All Pumpkin Moon Drops
    Except for: Jack 'O Lantern Mask and Black Fairy Dust

    Plus other items! I haven't listed everything yet, so ask about what you want!
    Selling Ankhs and items that make it over here too!
    Trading Monster Banners here too!

    Accepting Platinum offers.
    Or if you think you have an item I could use, let me know.

    Trading Time/Info:
    • I'm in central time. Best hours to trade will be 4pm to 12am my time, but I may be on earlier/later.
    • I can't host a server right now; you will need to host it or we can go to a public one.
    • My in-game name is Em and I look like this (or like a blue werewolf at night sometimes).
    • My Steam account is here.
  2. DavieG

    DavieG Tim

  3. KasaraEm13

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  4. Graevon

    Graevon Zombie

    Hi! I want your Scourge of the Corruptor, a Pygmy Staff (No Modifier becuase I like to collect it in it's pure form), and all your pirate maps. I have a Book of Skulls, Red and Purple dye materials.
  5. KasaraEm13

    KasaraEm13 Snatcher

    That'd be great. I forgot to update my list though, sorry. I only have 10 pirate maps now. >.<
  6. Graevon

    Graevon Zombie

    Sorry for the late reply, I'll send you my trade Hamachi network and password.
  7. KasaraEm13

    KasaraEm13 Snatcher

    No problem. :)
  8. Crazymonkeyz1

    Crazymonkeyz1 Green Slime

    Hey, I'm looking to buy all the vanity items you're selling and a Broken Hero sword, I'd like to pay in Platinum if that's okay with you. Send me an FR on Steam if you're good with this :)
    My steam name is Crazymonkeyz1 (Btvisc)
  9. KasaraEm13

    KasaraEm13 Snatcher

    Sure, sending request now.

    I'm about to go eat, but that should only take 10-15 minutes and then I'll be back.
  10. KasaraEm13

    KasaraEm13 Snatcher

    Reordered the item list a little better, hopefully easier to read now...
  11. KasaraEm13

    KasaraEm13 Snatcher

    Added Halloween items. I have extras of everything except Unlucky Yarn, Jack 'O Lantern Mask, and Black Fairy Dust.

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