WW2 Pack [tConfig] [Work In Progress]

Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by Shadow123, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. Shadow123 Slimed Zombie

  2. AWaffleWiffer Slimed Zombie

    Hey bro can you teach me how to do grenades?
  3. Shadow123 Slimed Zombie

    I'ts very easy,just watch the tutorial in the Tconfig wiki,only changing numbers. I still don't know how to do sprites,but i want to learn :D
  4. FreyModder Giant Worm

    Grenades are basterds for creating :)
  5. AWaffleWiffer Slimed Zombie

    a better way to show whats in the mod is to upload the sprites not screenshots (although screenies are better for large mobs
  6. Shadow123 Slimed Zombie

    Thompson M1A1 and M1928A1 on the way! And maybe a caliber bullet sistem (45.ACP for thompsons,9mm Parabellum for MP40...)
  7. Shadow123 Slimed Zombie

  8. Knight9910 Floaty Gross

    Those screenshots are way too small for me to see anything. Any chance of getting some bigger ones?
  9. Shadow123 Slimed Zombie

    I have to do new screenshots,so I'll get some more for today. Also,I want to remake the springfield and the MP40.
  10. Shadow123 Slimed Zombie

    Done V.0'3. Check it out!
    And also. What crafting system would you want : realistic or adaptates? Because,if I make the crafting realistic,guns would be easy to make. But, if I make it fake,it would be harder to craft and the crafting would adapt to terraria's adventure. But I can't make both.
  11. zoomwar Cursed Man

    Realistic plz.
  12. Shadow123 Slimed Zombie

    Updated to V.0'4. A lot of new things :D
  13. Shadow123 Slimed Zombie

    Another update (The V.0'5). LMGs,new pistols and Springfields!
  14. Shadow123 Slimed Zombie

    Done V.0'6. Lots of weapons. Soon,soviet weaponry

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