Official Xbox 360 and PS3 update available November 5th!

Discussion in 'Console' started by 505Games, Nov 4, 2013.

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  1. 505Games

    505Games 505Games

    The Console Update Releases Tomorrow, November 5th!

    We are happy to announce the long awaited new update for the consoles version of Terraria will be released tomorrow, November 5th! The update is a direct result of our earlier announced full code-rewrite of the Xbox 360 version, but also includes several bug fixes and even some 1.2 Teaser content.

    Here is the overview:

    • Fixed dungeon tile bug where players were unable to mine dungeon blocks
    • Fixed music box bug (ability to smash a music box and getting a different item in return)
    • Fixed platinum coin stacking bug
    • Fixed crafting interface bug where the current recipe would "jump" to another recipe when more or less recipes would be shown as your materials change.
    • Fixed grid rendering when ruler item was equipped
    • Quick Access shortcuts are now saved
    • Quick Access shortcuts UI improvements
    • NPC [de]buffs time out properly
    • It's no longer possible to defeat Eater of Worlds by using the Magic Mirror
    • New Character Selection GUI, more in line with World Select GUI
    • Fixed a font rendering bug when switching from split screen to full screen (or vice versa)
    • It's no longer possible to hack worlds by loading PC data
    • Network protocol improvements
    • Slightly improved graphics (no lossy compression for tiles)
    • Leaderboards UI now more consistent with other UIs (shiny yellow highlight instead of white)
    • Fixed some minor localization issues in leaderboards for the Spanish language
    • Fixed certain death messages not being displayed correctly

    Xbox 360:
    • Big performance improvements (especially noticeable during new world generation, split screen multi-player and mini map creation)
    • Improved (smoother) lighting in split screen mode
    • Improved friend game search
    • In split screen a player can now leave a session in the pause menu (instead of having to sign out)
    • When a player signs in to a split screen multi-player session, he/she can no longer sign in with a profile that was already signed in
    • Join through presence is now only allowed for friends
    PlayStation 3:
    • General performance improvements
    • Sound effect improvements (pitching/panning)
    • King Statue now also affects Santa
    • Improved message box
    Although we hope everyone will have fun discovering what 1.2 teaser material has been added to the console versions, here is a partial overview:
    • Incorporated 1.2 updated biome background graphics, new sun and moon graphics
    • Incorporated new low-tier armor sets and their recipes
    • Certain item stack sizes have been increased from 250 to 999
    • Added animations for water, water sparkles, life crystals, shadow orbs, furnace and hell forge
    • Added random sizes for Zombies and Demon Eyes
    • Added new enemy sprites: Pincushion Zombie, Slimed Zombie, Female Zombie, Twiggy Zombie, Swamp Zombie, Shroom Zombie
  2. FierceRogue

    FierceRogue Floaty Gross

    Sounds cool!
    Edit: First post. Feel like a ninja!!
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  3. cowtastic

    cowtastic Cursed Man

    Second post ;(
    Forever alone =(
  4. Suzaman

    Suzaman Slimed Zombie

    Hallelujah! Best news of the day. Finally some console love.

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  5. Tw2Brick

    Tw2Brick Mouse

    This is great news. Thank you!
  6. doornoob

    doornoob Face Monster

    Lol, haven't even finished my 1.1 playthrough on console.
  7. Omg_I_D1ed

    Omg_I_D1ed Slimed Zombie

    But not the full 1.2 update is it
  8. ElvaTheFierce

    ElvaTheFierce Angel Statue

    I'm very curious as to when console will get the full update. I like to play on console from time to time, a controller just feels more natural in my hands than a keyboard and mouse does. It would be great if PC had controller compatibility. I know I can map certain keys to the PS3 controller I have but it's just.. Not the same.
  9. redbull90_

    redbull90_ Dark Caster

    Oh 505 Games teasing us with parts of 1.2 :p
  10. Suzaman

    Suzaman Slimed Zombie

    I like the console for the same reasons, plus the 8 player coop voice chat is nice too
  11. The Warick

    The Warick Corruptor

    Consoles have limitations, as do companies that need to make money. It's a free update and what was ported over and fixed for free is fantastic for console users. Will be interesting to see exactly what made it over, however I don't expect a full port would be possible without it being a dlc.
  12. Kings_and_Dragons

    Kings_and_Dragons The Groom

    wait... kill WoF with a magic mirror? and this bug wont be fixed until tomorrow? hmmmmm...
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  13. Suzaman

    Suzaman Slimed Zombie

    They confirmed 505 would be releasing it all free and in "waves" so all smiles here
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  14. mace1789

    mace1789 Mouse

    Hopefully its as much of the 1.2 content that was released for the 1.2 update or pc. Adding just some of it is better than nothing but kinda sucks :/
  15. Queen

    Queen Blood Crawler

    They said EOW not WOF
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  16. Loki ISP

    Loki ISP Moderator Staff Member

    Bolded the important part that some missed. ;)

    Enjoy, Consolerarrians! :)
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  17. 505Games

    505Games 505Games

    It isn't everything. Its a much larger project than you would expect; but it is underway :).
  18. Kings_and_Dragons

    Kings_and_Dragons The Groom

    Woops, I must be an idiot.
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  19. mace1789

    mace1789 Mouse

    Well, I'm well aware of how large it would be. Just have High expectations. To be honest I literally saw this announcement coming when I heard you guys announce the Console update for Payday 2! So I understand when you guys have a ton on your plate. Hope its at least a ton of content :D
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  20. Suzaman

    Suzaman Slimed Zombie

    Well I'm happy to hear some good news. Good job guys hopefully the rest will come in the coming weeks.
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