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    Bug list was slain by 505Games
    This post will no longer be updated due to 505Games, unless told otherwise as this post is "...no longer being watched..." Please use the following links below:
    Reference (open)
    - [Xbox] = Any bug that can only be found on Xbox unless it's been spotted in any Sony Device
    - [PSN] = Exclusive to Sony devices only
    - [Xbox] [PSN] = Can be found on all consoles: PS3 PSV Xbox 360
    - [>Console Name<] = Applies to the consoles listed ONLY
    - [->Needs Confirmation<-] = This is your opportunity to say that you've experienced this too
    Changelogs: 1.2.0,1.2.1, 1.2.2, 1.2.3
    Click here for official list

    - [Xbox] [PSN] Upon loading a world that was made pre 1.2 a message appears, "Failed to Load"
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Character's whom had items in piggybanks or safes will lose all items
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Piggy Banks/Safes will have their items replaced with Amber, Silver Chainmail, Iron Pickaxes, and Iron Bows up to 1,888 stacks of them.
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Worlds created pre-1.2 will have shifting lands and odd world generation near the spawn area leading to the dungeon
    - [Xbox] Dungeon Generation doesn't load the dungeon until you reach the "Dungeon Biome" at X depth, this can cause massive craters in the world were the dungeon should be
    - [Xbox] [PSN] You can go into the Lihzard temple by mining the door with any pickaxe like tool, [Xbox] all blocks can be mined with the Drax
    - [Xbox] Inferno Demons/Hardmode enemies don't always spawn upon defeating a hardmode boss
    - [Xbox] [PSN] The Cyborg has the name and Sprite of the party Girl and shares her dialog (This applies to a few other new NPCs)
    - [Xbox] The new 1.2 Music is INSANELY loud compared to the other music.
    - [Xbox] Some of the new Biome types have some world Generation issues, I.E: No smooth transitions
    - [Xbox] Spider Caves don't always spawn: Spiders, Webs, Chests, and or the background
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Ice Biomes cut short in their size not allowing certain things to be obtainable: Ice Chests and anything obtainable at that height
    - [Xbox] [PSN]Destroying the hearts in the Crimson biome will spawn the eater of worlds instead of the Brain of Cthulhu.
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Torches placed on blocks that are surrounded by walls will connect to the wall instead of the intended block.
    - [Xbox] Items placed in storage can become 77+ stacks of any random item
    - [Xbox] Character Saves become corrupted when playing online
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Trophies and Achievements are randomly being awarded
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Hell will appear on the surface and the surface will appear where hell was supposed to be.
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Moon charm retains its old 1.1 functionality
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Items reforges shift when moved to different slots of storage or inventory, similar to the PS Vita's reforging bug
    - [PS-V] New 1.2 music is much lower volume in comparison to the old music
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Torches will not be removed if you break the back wall for them and will float mid air
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Frame rates on old characters and saved worlds before 1.2 is really choppy and fluxuates. This is very noticeable on the Play Station Vita version with frames dropping below 10 FPS.
    - [PS-V] When attacking new mobs a massive frame rate drop can be noticed, more particularly The Crimson mobs
    - [Xbox] [PSN] During world Generation it doesn't say these messages: "Making the world bloody..." or "Making the world Evil..."
    - [PS-V] When in the center of The Crimson it goes into "Slow Motion"
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Blood Crawlers AI glitches out in water, and will infinitely remain in place trying to get out. This happens to all Spider-Type AI
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Brain of Cthulu does NOT spawn naturally and must be summoned with the Bloody spine
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Demon Hearts will drop a Undertaker and any random loot drop from their pool.
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Demon Hearts will ALWAYS spawn Eat of Worlds.
    - [Xbox] Crimson and other new biomes don't override their music properly.
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Massive amounts of shadow chests appear in 1.2 worlds, a total of 12 can be displayed on screen at a time
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Underground Cabins no longer exist in 1.2 worlds
    - [Xbox] [PSN] There are no other chests besides: Ocean, Wooden, and Sky chests that appear randomly in the world
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Corruption replace the "X" or "V" when the Wall of Flesh is killed in a Crimsoned world
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Blizzard animation isn't present in Snow Biomes
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Shadow Orbs drop nothing but musket balls.
    - [Xbox] [PSN] {Anomaly} There appears to be more plants and weeds in worlds then normal PC worlds, they seem to override the spawning of certain items.
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Gem Caverns spawn no gems inside them and are just backgrounds.
    - [PSN] Spider Nests seem to favor certain biomes
    - [PSN] NPCs don't move in when you meet their requirements sometimes
    - [PSN] NPCs can rapid fire move in randomly while playing even if you haven't met their requirements
    - [Xbox] [PSN] The Ice biome item when used causes the spawned mob to target their master
    - [Xbox] Upon loading a world you will RARELY be afflicted with debuffs relating to Red's Armor, or buffs
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Characters don't spawn with 20 mana/1 star
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Worlds cannot spawn Corrupti and Crimti in Corrupt/Crimsoned Deserts
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Worlds Generated past 1.2 will be unable to harvest Vile Mushrooms
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Almost all new plants are not harvestable
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Glowing Ferns do not exist anymore
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Huge performance drops in Surface Mushroom biomes
    - [Xbox] [PSN] The Truffle won't spawn despite meeting his requirements
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Dungeon items convert to random blocks when mined (Note: This is only on certain ones and some are indeed mineable)
    - [Xbox] [PSN] The drops of some mobs make no sense to progression and some will drop hardmode items
    - [Xbox] [PSN] When at the bottom of the world you will bounce erratically around
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Objects that regenerate in the world try to do so when there is no adequate room for them thus causing a massive amount of them to appear broken, example: Cacti
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Crafting recipes don't unlock themselves even if you ask the guide
    - [Xbox] [PSN] 1.2 worlds are cluttered with the new aesthetics of 1.2, like small skulls
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Crimti doesn't have its' unique texture and instead appears red
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Spawn points shift rarely making you spawn in a air pocket
    - [Xbox] Jetpack has some noteable errors in flight time allowing for infinite flight time
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Placing wall torches causes you to place 2 or more
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Witch doctor doesn't approve of doors...
    - [PS-V] Cannot craft chests with lead in a lead world
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Blood Moons do not effect underground spawn rates.
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Blood Crawlers cannot crawl on walls and just receive a Sprite change
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Spawn Rates are heavily inconsistent and can change extraordinarily, from 1-2 at a time to up to 15+ entities
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Ice Biomes seem to always override sound for any biome they are currently near or above/below
    - [PS-V] Alternate recipes don't appear on most of the recipe menu, the guide says they exist even though it is impossible to use them.
    - [PS-V] Some Recipes use alternate items, most notable on torches and any item similar
    - [Xbox] [PS3] Terraria Crashes/Infinite loads on the Auto save warning screen
    - [Xbox] [PSN] MOVED
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Crimson definitely doesn't have any biome power and can be converted with no effort by any type of biome
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Crimson and Ice/Snow Biomes no longer convert their blocks to hardmode ores
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Hardmode ores don't generate spreaded out and are usually clustered in one elevation level
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Crimson Alters are far less abundant then Demon Alters
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Sand and other blocks effected by gravity will damage a player standing on top of it sometimes
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Arch Wyvern's hitboxes are off and their sprite floats approx.. 2-3 blocks above their collision and hit boxes
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Wyverns/Arch despawn/flee when in space
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Some hardmode mobs do not spawn like they should
    - [PSN] Moss Hornets spawn frequently on the surface Jungle
    - [PSN] Blood Feeders only spawn in Hardmode
    - [PSN] Hollow Biome enemies seem to have their AI crash randomly (Freeze and stop moving)
    - [PSN] Pixies do not fight you they flee from you, or they hit'n'run
    - [PSN] Underground Mushroom biomes don't spawn their unique mobs
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Console exclusive mobs still lack their own drops aside from the pets
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Turtles seem to ignore armor ratings
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Chlorophyte seems to not spawn after Plantera is Defeated
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Wires of different colors may occasionally carry the same signal if they are connect within 2 blocks
    - [CONFIRMED] The new Hardmode ores don't seem to spawn
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Fire Blossom joins Glowing Ferns in their sudden extinction...
    - [Xbox] [PSN] All ranger type enemies have to stand right NEXT to you to shoot
    - [Xbox] Dyed clothes aren't visibly dyed in multiplayer sessions
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Crimson Alters/Hearts can be DESTROYED accidentally by placing blocks near them or by other means
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Red Devil's attack starts at full speed and not like the Demon Scythe
    - [PSN] Ichor can randomly appear and hit you immediately applying the Ichor Debuff when no enemies are present
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Living trees have some odd generations and cut off either to short or completely wrong
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Gore issues across the board
    - [Rebalancing] The Console exclusive pets drop way too often except for the Brains pet (Unless we are all just way to lucky)
    - [Xbox] [PSN] When paused and only when paused any item viewable on your character will fly out of the map vertically
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Rainbow brick doesn't make water look fabulous
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Certain wings have lost functionality of some kind and can range from losing flight to overriding jump items. Elaboration below:
    Wing statuses + their current disabilities:
    Angel: Completely crippled and cannot compare at all to the new wings, retains all correct wing functions
    Demon: Completely crippled and cannot compare at all to the new wings, retains all correct wing functions
    Sparkly: Completely crippled and cannot compare at all to the new wings, retains all correct wing functions
    *Fairy: Bugged disables all other movement enhancing accessories, and can fly infinitely and hover upon collision with a block
    *JetPack: Bugged disables all other movement enhancing accessories, and can fly infinitely even after a double jump utilizing the UP key and can hover by hitting a block
    *Ice: Bugged disables all other movement enhancing accessories, and can fly infinitely and hover upon collision with a block
    *Fire: Bugged disables all other movement enhancing accessories, and can fly infinitely and hover upon collision with a block
    *Spectral: Bugged disables all other movement enhancing accessories, and can fly infinitely and hover upon collision with a block
    Harpy: Retains a few functions of traditional wings but doesn't allow proper use of movement enhancing accessories
    *Leaf: Bugged disables all other movement enhancing accessories, and can fly infinitely and hover upon collision with a block
    Bat: Retains a few functions of traditional wings but doesn't allow proper use of movement enhancing accessories

    *Flight time doesn't properly reset

    - [->Needs Confirmation<-] Items hot-keyed will reset upon exiting a game
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Touching the top of the world causes you to fall instead of fly if flying
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Terra Blade's signature beam is incorrect, and isn't rebalanced as it was supposed to be with no beam cool down + Damage increase
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Wall conversion recipes vanish and reappear randomly and can cause crafting items that were unintended
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Few weapons that fire ranged attacks fire them off center, this includes beam swords and spells
    - [->Needs Confirmation<-] Certain Biome chests are missing in the dungeon
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Ocram's drops items other then the ones from his loot pool
    - [Xbox] [PSN] PvP Deaths show incorrect messages
    - [PSN] Deaths from invisible spells will kill you out of nowhere
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Pets are bugged and ONLY show the same pet client or host side
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Random buffs can be triggered utilizing the Storage bug by putting items on the bottom row
    - [->Needs Confirmation<-] The raven staff doesn't work in water and disables the buffs
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Paint doesn't properly affect doors
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Ice Elementals are Frenemies and can be attacked and attack enemies
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Upon Disabling PvP you will be killed in a infinite loop if the player that killed you killed you right as you disabled it
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Brightness shifts up and down and some things are not even at their proper light levels
    - [Xbox] [PSN] The Phasesabers and anything relating to the weapon have choppy slashing sounds and have a lot of static
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Cloud weapons seem to not follow the smart cursor's path and go beyond their Maximum range hitting the edges of the map
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Exploding ammunition doesn't do explosion damage to you or the enemy
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Upon teleporting via magic mirror dyes may un-equip themselves
    - [Xbox] Piranha gun will cease to function sometimes when fired and get stuck at the barrel of the gun
    - [Xbox] Textures disappear on split screen sometimes
    - [Xbox] When entering hardmode the world will become a grid pattern of blocks with their textures smeared until you melee them.
    - [Xbox] Corruption and Hollow don't seem to appear when entering hardmode as a client
    - [Xbox] Some NPCs quotes are off or not referring to the right Player/NPC
    - [Xbox] Dyes do not function properly online for clients causing their dyes to either visibly disable, un-equip, or delete the dyes entirely
    - [Xbox] Debuffs don't render properly on client side for online
    - [Xbox] When using the Clentaminator client side you cannot see the cleansing/contamination until you rejoin
    - [Xbox] Frost Fire Debuff seems to not exist when using the Ice Biome items that inflict it
    - [Xbox] [PSN] The Ichor debuff doesn't make enemies glow and shimmer like they should instead it just applies the 1.2.3 hunter potion coloration
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Pyramids cut off similar to Ice Biomes abruptly and never get more then 1 room
    - [Xbox] [PSN] UPDATE Fire Blossoms do spawn, in lava and can be harvested since they are in full bloom
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Party Cyborg doesn't respawn in hardmode
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Magma Tubes can sometimes spawn without lava, with no drainage areas
    - [Xbox] Actuators don't appear when you place them and can only appear when you run a wire through them
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Ladies cannot obtain their Jungle roses...
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Backgrounds glitch out really badly and flash between variants of the biome type
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Nature's Gift is more of a Nature's annoyance and spawns way to frequently
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Giant Fungi Bulbs don't fire projectiles
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Icy Merman use their ranged attack at close range
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Arapaima applies a 15 second Bleeding Debuff
    - [Xbox] [PSN] When killed by the Ichor Sticker it says: "<Player Name> was <Random Event> by Wo's Ivy Whip"
    - [Xbox] [PSN] The arms Dealer will only say this in his dialog: "I heard there is a doll that looks very similar to <Name of Guide> somewhere in the underworld. I'd like to put a few rounds in it."
    - [->Needs Confirmation<-] The bug where players are unable to obtain certain drops might still exist, after it's claimed patching
    - [Xbox] Solar Eclipses are much rarer then they should be
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Pigrons are much rarer then they should be
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Drop rates of items can change erratically similar to spawn rates, from really high to really low chances
    - [Xbox] [PSN] Water seems to spawn much more abundant then it used to
    - [Xbox] The Witch Doctor will wander off of the map, happens with all NPC's placed in the Jungle with the witch doctor being more critical
    - [Xbox] [PSN] The Balloons of the new 1.2 kind only will do the Blizzard in a Balloon

    Special message to you: Unfortunately this post has been closed to it being supposedly unwatched by 505Games/EngineSoftware, however the list will stay as a reference. I didn't update this post until now sorry for the late news :(


    Bug Reporters:
    Miracle Revive, R4v1n6m4d, Jbarfuss, Ert_The_Wolf, Nishas, Mad Kappa, CB54, Ricky Reb, DeV4der, Tamorr, Foamy036, TOaPadge, Jacob Gallagher, dddk09, j007, EdiTore, Krawl12, chaosxcrafterlp, General12912, V1va, monkburns, DamnedDead, MrCrackMan, cybersquid, NormalBoots, jnfnny, Tization
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    Jan 20, 2014
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    both consoles have the same code so if a big is on one it will be on the other unless its controller related
  3. Zlayer Xazious

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    Jan 31, 2014
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    This may be true but their updates can have different things wrong with them so yes they may all be for both but until then they will only be for Xbox for the sake of no confusion.
  4. Ert_the_wolf

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    Jan 28, 2014
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    (Xbox 360) Don't know if anyone else has this issue. But Moon Charm is still only working on full moons for me rather then every night. Tested it in three different worlds with different charms.

    Also, all weapon items lose upgrade stats when placed in a chest. Other equip items are unaffected by stat glitch. However, I did notice when placing an item in a chest (affects both) the name color changes. For example, placed a legendary Tizona with green rarity into chest and name turned purple. It was purple before patch....so almost seems there is a disconnect between items in inventory and items in chest.
  5. Nishas

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    Apr 24, 2011
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    [ps3] removing a wall behind a torch will not remove the torch and it will remain placed midair wherever the wall used to be.
  6. mad kappa

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    Apr 17, 2014
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    [ps3] movement is no longer smooth on old characters/maps, it's choppy. this includes walking, jumping, and falling. new character and map is slightly better, but still not as smooth as before the patch.

    [ps3] enemy health bars seem to randomly disappear during battle, or sometimes not appear at all. this happens mostly underground.
  7. DeV4der

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    Jan 27, 2014
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    spawned a world with both crimson and corruption

    edit: eater of worlds spawned after destroying crimson hearths but dropped brain loot
  8. Ricky Reb

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    xbox bugs:

    1: locked Lihzahrd temple door is able to be mined. only tried with adamantite drill.
    2: shadow chests spawn way to often in hell...i was able to see 7 on my screen at one time.
    3: shadow orbs in the corrupt do not drop any items.
    4: dungeons are sometimes missing entire sections spawning dirt and stone instead. background wall is still dungeon though.
    5: underground snow biomes do not have ice chests....cleared several entire snow biomes and found no chests.
    6: blood crawlers do not crawl on background wall and instead just bounce on the ground. Not sure about other spider variants.
    7: snow biomes do not appear to have the blizzard animation, only normal snow during rain.
    8: when inside the crimson while surrounded by snow, the snow music plays even though you are inside the crimson with no snow on screen.
    9: corrupt spawning instead of crimson when on crimson world and entering hardmode.
    10: players cannot see when another player has dyed their clothes. dyes only show to the player who has it on.
    11: the pirate captain does not shoot like he is supposed to, he only shoots when very close to you. Skeleton archer does the same thing. similar enemy types may do the same.
    12: floating island background glitches out....a lot
    13: natures gift grows way to frequently in the jungle.
    14: jungle rose does not grow at all in the jungle.
    15: giant fungi bulb enemies found in mushroom biomes do not shoot projectiles.

    1: Ice golems spawn in the rain in non snow biomes (only had happen in Multiplayer)
    2: ice golems appear to float above the ground by a block or 2.
    3: some dungeon background walls do not drop when broke, they just disappear.
    4: the larger jungle plants do not grow at all in the cavern layer and below, only has the initial ones that spawn when world was created.

    I'll add more here as i find them.
  9. Chozidor

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    I have one big world that i keep all my things in and never had a fear of it corrupting.. But now whenever i try to load that world my xbox freezes and continues this process until i give up... So freezing xbox seems to be one.. And if you already have that then my apologies
  10. Tamorr

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    May 11, 2013
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    Not had too many bugs, except one.

    Although what is listed, there are similarities.

    I loaded up an old world, and played just fine for quite a bit. No problems, and was saving every so often, as well it auto saving a couple times. I've only gotten up to jungle weapons and a full set of the demonite ore armor; this being prior to update. The only things I was doing was reorganizing chests, since the slots were all scattered due to the enlargement; as well gathering from one end of map to the other on the surface plus my jungle base a little ways underground; basically checking chests and getting everything organized.

    The only thing I had done beyond that was use my hamaxe to modify tiles to make the roofs of my housing more aesthetically pleasing in my eyes. Then went to buy paintings, due to the painter spawning (the dye maker spawned as well some time after that too). After all that was done, I was near the ocean of the right side of my map where my dryad's house is at the moment.

    I didn't realize at the time, but when I started I was at original spawn; I only over looked it because I have plenty of beds and don't remember which bed I had slept in last. Since I was near the ocean I just didn't want to walk back to spawn, so I save; waited a moment for it to finish, and then go back to main menu.

    This is what happened when reloading game:

    Back at original spawn, and had buffs on me that I didn't get before. I was just all of a sudden stricken with more than 5 buffs at once. One of them was burning. It was raining at the time. the burn didn't stop till I died. I have like 9 hearts, so it went pretty quick. was easy to get back my coins as it was only a few paces away, and that is when I noticed my hotbar was completely empty of all my stuff except torches building blocks.

    Basically my nightmare pick, meteor hamaxe, jungle sword, and chakram were all gone. What was in the 3rd slot was a mystery item with no name and min/max numbers above the description. The description was similar to being as if a pickaxe or tool of some kind. I couldn't use it at all, even like a tool. A useless item that did nothing. After that I just decided to make a new character for now. I dashboarded out of the game after seeing me die from that burning and my stuff missing.

    The other bug I noticed is when the dye maker "," of arrival said it was an ore seller, at least that is what I thought it said. Unsure about that one, as I only got a glance of it.

    I hadn't really noticed much anything else so far beyond that incident with an old character.

    I just hope that wasn't too lengthy, but figured I would post in this one as this OP had a list to compile some of the other bugs.

    Just glad I have a backup of my files saved, so hopefully I can just swap back when most the bugs are ironed out.:D

    EDIT: I am on Xbox 360
  11. ninjalantern

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    Jan 28, 2014
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    - Pre update world had all NPCs gone.
    - New world had Crimson, but the Demon Hearts summoned the Eater of Worlds and each Heart counted as two.
    - Blood Crawlers wouldn't stick to walls and would constantly spawn underwater or get stuck there.
  12. JetX2004

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    Apr 17, 2014
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    I lost all of my safe contents after the update (xbox360). I had a lot of stuff stored in there.

    I lost:

    200 souls of fright
    960 souls of sight
    260 souls of might
    150 souls of blight
    120 souls of night
    230 souls of light
    15 platinum coins
    85 gold coins
    25 silver coins
    80 copper
    20 ocram spawners
    80 skeletron prime spawners
    20 destroyer spawners
    16 twins spawners
    99 adamantite bars
    99 cobalt bars
    99 mithral bars

    NOTE: These are all approximate figures from memory

    DEVS please help!!!

    Thank you, Jet
  13. H1ggsy x

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    Jan 20, 2014
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    read this post it will help resolve your issue
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  14. JetX2004

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    Apr 17, 2014
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  15. johnlynch

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    Apr 17, 2014
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    Ok so loving the update butttt my biggest bug is the plantera bulbs not spawming after ive killed all mechanical bosses
  16. JetX2004

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    Apr 17, 2014
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    Just tried, no luck :( The difference between my issue and the common issue I am seeing is that others are having a load of junk like stacked pickaxes and presents in their safe instead of their normal contents. I am not seeing anything... it is completely empty. Maybe this is the reason the save/reload solution isn't working for me? Thank you so much for your help H1ggsyx
  17. TheGodOfCats

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    Mar 23, 2014
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    Confirmed that shadow orbs are not dropping anything usable (except musket balls).
  18. johnlynch

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    Apr 17, 2014
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    Plantera bulbs are not spawning in any worlds anyone having this issue?
  19. CB54

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    May 28, 2011
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    When I decided to kill the WOF on my new crimson world, I had a corruption zone spawn for whatever reason it thought it should. So there's that problem. And the crimson doesn't seem to be spreading in hardmode either... so this is going well... here's to raiding the lihzahrd temple
  20. auhsoj

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    Apr 8, 2014
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    No Chlorophyte whatsoever, I've searched extensively in several words, but no luck. Apologies if this has been brought up

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