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Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by Demian, May 29, 2011.

  1. Demian

    Demian Green Slime

    I asked my buddy to make this useful little program that extracts PNG's from XNB's (The image format Terraria uses.) for me because I was keen on taking a peek at the raw graphics Terraria uses. (I was making a Terraria Minecraft texturepack at the time.) Lately the community has been interested in mods and texturepacks so I though it would be in the community's best interest to release this to public. I asked my friend to clean up the GUI a bit and make it a little more user friendly but he lazied out and just told me to release as is. So here I am.

    I started up two conversations with Kane both with daily messages. He never responded in those or in this thread. As such I must assume he has nothing against me releasing this program in this board. I have done everything in my power to contact Kane with no success. From my point of view he has no right to ban me for this release as I spent almost a week trying to get in contact with him and he was ignoring me. In the case that I am indeed banned for this, I demand a damn good explanation.

    I take no responsibility on how you use this program or of the .PNG images that you get from using this program. This is not the only program available that can do this sort of conversion.

    Version: 1.0
    4th of June 2011

    Created by DontCare4Free (
    Distributed by Demian (TerrariaOnline)

    XNB Exporter is a simple and crude program that converts .XNB files to .PNG images. It's not fancy but does the job . Please notice that you cannot convert .PNG images back to .XNB files with this program.

    1. Place "XNB Exporter.exe" into your "Steam\steamapps\common\terraria\Content\Images" folder.
    2. Open "XNB Exporter.exe".
    3a. Type the name of the .XNB file into the text field without the .XNB extension and press "Go for it!". For example to convert "Armor_Arm_1.xnb" file, you would type in "Armor_Arm_1".
    3b. Alternatively to convert all available .XNB files in the same folder where the executable is, simply leave the text field empty and press "Go for it!".
    4. The selected .XNB files will now be converted to .PNG images and saved in the same folder with the original files with the same names.

    DOWNLOAD (original link: http:*//

    edit by Tunnel King Mar 22 2014: the original link above (without the *) has begun to give a malware warning for the site, and the active link has been removed. I have every reason to believe that this is likely not related to the file itself, but to something else at that server; I and many others have used this tool without issue for a very long time.

    Instead, I offer this link to a copy of the file in my dropbox:

    This copy was originally downloaded by me from the original link over a year ago. It passes scans from Avast and Malwarebytes; the VirusTotal results can be seen here. This copy is presented as-is; I do not provide any support for this tool.
  2. Black Scythe

    Black Scythe Voodoo Demon

    Read the front page.
    There's already been a post by Kane on why they don't want mods/other clients/texture packs yet.
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  3. flying sheep

    flying sheep Zombie

    i only want to know who was banned for what?

    it would be quite ridiculous to ban someone for making tools like that…

    read the op, it’s neither of the three.
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  4. Black Scythe

    Black Scythe Voodoo Demon

    He wants to post a link to a tool that makes it possible to create texture packs... have you read the whole thing?
  5. flying sheep

    flying sheep Zombie

    no, he wanted to post a link to a tool that can extract the textures. to use a texture pack, you need to repack it. and the tool can’t do that :rolleyes:
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  6. Demian

    Demian Green Slime

    Exactly. This is a 3rd party program, not a client/wrapper, mod or a texturepack.
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  7. Jakkor

    Jakkor Cursed Man

    I think he's making a Terraria texture pack for Minecraft.
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  8. Demian

    Demian Green Slime

    I was making one but I currently do not have the interest in continuing to develop it.
  9. Em0srawk

    Em0srawk Yellow Slime

    You're not allowed to do that, for now anyway. It's to do with what Kane said about the copyright stuff.
  10. Demian

    Demian Green Slime

    I'm still going to wait for Kane to answer.
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  11. Em0srawk

    Em0srawk Yellow Slime

    That's the best way to do it ^-^
  12. Demian

    Demian Green Slime

  13. Soulz

    Soulz Green Slime

    Well if you cant send it there mind emailing me? Ill send my e address if you want.
  14. Krish

    Krish Demon Eye

    So many people have googled this. including myself.
    It would be useful in some cases.
    This is true.
    I see a reason why people may think its for texture pack,
    But i see no harm. hope Kane doesn't either.
  15. DeathKnight

    DeathKnight Green Slime

    You are gonna wait a loooong time imo
  16. Demian

    Demian Green Slime

    I wonder why Kane is so silent. He has received my messages for sure but he hasn't answered them.
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  17. ZGA

    ZGA Demon Eye

    I would say get people to show you their previous pixel art work and only release it privately to the good pixel artists so they can get ahold of the textures and start working on a texture pack ready for texture pack support.
    just my 2cents :)
    theres already a few programs like this wondering around but another one won't hurt will it :)
  18. LastDay

    LastDay Green Slime

    Yeah I wonder why the heck the mapper thread was closed.
    Blue even said they are like stuff like that.
  19. Allie

    Allie Green Slime

    I guess some people would like it. And seriously, what harm can it do?
    Oh, maybe you're just gonna have to wait until the dedicated servers come out. Because right now, everyone that mods their singleplayer, also gets the mods in multiplayer. So that's probably why they don't let you do it yet.
  20. Demian

    Demian Green Slime

    Bumping because Kane is online.
    Infraction has been given for this message by Stormbringer. Details | Aug 3, 2011

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