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    This has been last built for [tConfig 27.2] , Do not use an earlier version!

    Hello Everyone.......
    Yorai here!
    Some of you might know , some of you might not , but right now my current real life state will forbid me from coming to the TO forums as often as I would , starting next month.
    Due to that , I am now pressuring some mods I wanted to make or improve more then usual , this time introducing.....


    This will PROBABLY (underlined PROBABLY) the last version of my cheat menu mod.
    -not that there were many builds to begin with , this is like , the third...-

    The Final Cheat Menu mod is shortly speaking a utility menu for adjusting the game to your wills a bit more , here and there , and for mod testing faster and more efficiently...

    It includes several new menus , which can be used to do various things such as......
    • Spawn any item in the game , including mod items , from nicely sorted category menus
    • Spawn any NPC in the game , including mod NPCs , forcibly for testing purposes and whatever
    • Stop , rewind ,speed up, or set the time to whichever one you want
    • Change the moon phase
    • Toggle a bloodmoon
    • Toggle hardmode
    • Give or remove any de/buff (again , including mod de/buffs) for any certain amount time.
    What Does This Mod Do
    The Cheat Menu mod adds a set of 4 buttons to your inventory screen in game , the buttons give you access to several cheat submenus , each with their own features.

    The latter menu list includes :
    -An item cheat
    -NPC spawn cheaat
    -time related controls cheat
    -buffs cheat

    The Item Cheat
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    The Item Cheat , when opened up presents a grid displaying 30 items , based on the ID(netID) order they were placed at in the game.

    On the right of that grid , you will find buttons that allow you scroll through the menu's contents by certain measured jumps of lines.

    On the left side of the screen you will see a bunch of sorting menus such as "torso" "pants" "ranged" "melee" "magic" "materials" and so on.
    Pressing on these will swap the cheat menu's grid contents to those of the latter category , you can always press the "everything" button to go to the default mode.

    The NPCs Cheat
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    The NPCs Cheat , when opened up presents a list of NPCs , ordered by their type , into the game. (note , netID based NPCs appear on the end of this list , before mod NPCs)
    Pressing any NPC's name will spawn it above the player (it is adviced to move quickly or have some armor , in order to avoid death when spawning strong NPCs)

    Above the NPC list , there are 2 arrow buttons , those allow you to scroll through the NPC list.

    The Buffs Cheat
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    The Buffs Cheat , when opened up displays quite a lot of buttons.......
    Starting from the left , you will see 10 buttons of 'x's , near them you will see the buff icons of your currently active buffs and debuffs , pressing the X closest to the buff will remove the buff from you.

    To the right of the set of Xs , you will see a time display with four '+' buttons , and four 'v' buttons , these are used to control the time of a buff , the current maximum available time in the cheat menu is 59:59 (note , going below 0 will hop to that , so you don't need to press to many buttons)

    Pressing the Reset button below will reset the time to 1 minute.

    To the right of the duration control , you will see a list displaying 8 buffs and their associated icons , pressing any of them will add them , for the duration you set in the duration control , into your active buffs list.

    Above the buffs list there are two arrow shaped buttons , you can use them to move around the available buff pages.

    The Time Cheat
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    The Time Cheat , when opened up presents , like the buff cheat , quite a lot of buttons! (though I actually like this one , unlike the buffs cheat *stares at MiraiMai*)

    Starting from the top left , you can see the moon phase control , displaying the name of the current moon phase , and 8 numbered buttons in blue color.
    Pressing any of them will swap to a stage of the moon , 1 being a full moon and 5 being a new moon.

    Below the moon phase control , is the actual time control , displaying time , and 12 hour-based numbers around it.
    Pressing any of the numbers will set the time to the hour on the number, pressing the time display itself will swap between AM and PM.

    To the right of that , there are some miscellaneous buttons.

    Blood Moon control - tells you if its a blood moon or not , and allows you to turn it off or on (note , you can only set blood moon while its night , night being between 7:30PM and 4:30 AM)

    Hardmode control - allows you to enable or disable hardmode at will.

    DayRate control - This allows you to control the rate at which time flows.
    The default value is 1 , it is displayed between a '-' and a '+' button.
    pressing + will increase the speed at which time flows forward.
    pressing - will decrease the speed at which time flows forward , and might even invert or stop it.
    pressing the display itself will reset the flow of time value to the default , '1'.
    (note - 0 dayRate = stopped time , negative dayRate = time goes backwards)

    I believe this sums up the final cheat menu........enjoy.

    Some Media About It (feel free to contribute)
    Where the buttons are found , if its not obvious enough...

    The Item cheat , currently displaying accessories.

    The NPC cheat , spawning harpies on demand.

    The Buff cheat , giving myself 30 minutes of gravity control >:D *stares at MiraiMai*

    The Clock cheat , stopping time , setting to midnight and activating infinite full blood moon - only for the hardcore~

    So Where Can I Get It???
    Download is attached to the post, built for tConfig 27.2

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  2. kingicarus

    kingicarus Floaty Gross

    Yay! Now we can spawn in copper broadswords! Seriously though, everything looks MUCH cleaner now, and we can identify monsters by name, which saves a load of time.
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  3. Teh Toxic Sludge

    Teh Toxic Sludge Demon Eye

    Great job on this mod man :D
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  4. Classikly

    Classikly Vampire

    Finally it's here.

    Edit: Oh my, I love how you did the clock.
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  5. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here

    Cheat Menu Final - Now with extra op flavor!
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  6. Bullseye55

    Bullseye55 Fungo Fish

    My oh my. I didn't expect this.

    Using right now, though keeping the old one as memory.

    Great work Yorai!!!
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  7. Classikly

    Classikly Vampire

    I see what you're doing. You're trying to make more people post here by offering them likes.
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  8. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    Actually no ,
    You see , I was looking at the thread and -liked- W1k's post , then I was like 'I should also like kingicaruss post' , and then I was like 'hmm Teh Toxic Sludge has a nice post too'.......
    Then I was looking at the only comment left and thought you'd think I'll be mean if I didn't like your post too.
    So I did.

    I also liked the fact someone -bullseye55- keeps the old cheat menu in use , to be honest I am still using the old one as well , if it wasnt for the time cheat.

    Although , although...
    GOOD IDEA ON LURING PEOPLE IN , I'll keep that in mind! -likes ur post , you just made a monster-
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  9. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here

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  10. Bullseye55

    Bullseye55 Fungo Fish

    I've never seen W1K troll before... XD

    Here is your fantastic, wonderful thing people call a....Like. XD
  11. Classikly

    Classikly Vampire've. never. fucking. seen. wikky. troll. before.
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  12. Bullseye55

    Bullseye55 Fungo Fish

    Correct, though I have seen you troll, a lot. XD

    Anyway, back on topic before this becomes something other than what it should be. :p
  13. This is great. Gives more control for people who also do mod developing so they can test if things work or not. To bad it is/may be the last update.
  14. Arkhalis

    Arkhalis Blazing Wheel

    Very nice Yorai!

    Now it just needs multiplayer compatility (if it's not already) and a way to determine who is able and unable to see the features and you could call it a Server Admin UI or something lol... Perhaps I'll give that a shot and fail!
  15. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    That was never the intention for this menu , thus I am not going to implement any form of multiplayer support (ALTHOUGH , it is not hard , the only things that need syncing are the clock menu and the npc spawn messages , both which are EASILY convertable to MP)
  16. Arkhalis

    Arkhalis Blazing Wheel

    You mind if I give it a shot? I suspect I won't fail in the MP part but the selective display of the mod features based on some factor...

    EDIT: I could just hide them all unless a specific no recipe item is held... or base it on character name... several options I guess
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  17. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    yes , take whatever shot you want , :p
    as for multiplayer lockdown , I simply don't like the idea , but you can try and parse the server's text to perhaps manage some sort of a name list , of approved and unapproved names.........
    -just thought that perhaps we should add a text reading hook to tConfig......-
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  18. Arkhalis

    Arkhalis Blazing Wheel

    Thanks~ I understand the idea isn't necessarily liked, but I have been looking for ways to do certain admin related things when not at the server without having to remote in. Like changing the time for example, or spawning 20 bosses at once lol, locking the time at midnight on permanent bloodmoon like you mentioned. However, I don't want just anyone to be able to do it.

    As for the text reading hook, that could be useful! I know a lot of people out there keep asking for server features like tshock and all those other mods out there... text reading could allow the basics of that - Like changing the time based on text typed so anyone could do it via chat... or allowing a remote password to be entered for access to admin controlls
  19. Yes! NPC names(Damn the numbers)! Time cheats! And even a better interface for the infinity chest! This is awesome.
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  20. RussLeeIV

    RussLeeIV Tim

    This is a fantastic mod and it does look much better.
    Great Job!!
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