You feel an evil presence watching over you....

Discussion in 'PC' started by pleborian, May 16, 2011.

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  1. pleborian

    pleborian Green Slime

    its all in the title, next thing you know BAM eye of cthulu spawns in my house? is that supposed to happen or was that just one of the new features? find it a bit wierd that he came and raped me jus as i got my copper pants
  2. Scottish Pig

    Scottish Pig Demon Eye

    Eye of Cthulu does not aprrove of Copper Pants.
  3. Oempa

    Oempa Green Slime

    i lol'd

    maybe you murdered his evil flying eyeball minions too much and he was like "LEEEEEEROY JEEEEENKINS" on your face... probably not.. but maybe :D
  4. Detrian

    Detrian Green Slime

    It's one of the new features yeah.
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  5. pleborian

    pleborian Green Slime

    honestly fighting the eye with a wooden sword and only copper pants for protection, thats some pretty harsh shit if you ask me. Does this mean that eater of worlds will also spawn randomly
  6. Scottish Pig

    Scottish Pig Demon Eye

    Note to self: dont make copper pants...

    Anyways, hopefully I dont go into corruption and get smashed to a pulp by the Eater of Worlds or something with this new feature.
  7. Erandur

    Erandur Green Slime

    Well the one I got is Scream echo around you and 2 meteors landed, bear in mind this was the first night of a newly generated map,
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  8. zalak123

    zalak123 Cave Bat

    He is always watching you...
  9. Alvin Flummox

    Alvin Flummox World Feeder

    I just came on to make a thread about this! I just got this message in a cave, guess that means i'm gonna get raped in a sec :D
  10. Semidar

    Semidar Green Slime

    I wonder what causes this. I also got my ass kicked in my house. Kept trying to heal with the nurse but wasnt fast enough
  11. Dog.

    Dog. Green Slime

    Smashing a shadow orb also has a chance to spawn Eater of Worlds. It followed us back to spawn on our server, cue intense battle to save the NPCs.
  12. Kwan

    Kwan Green Slime

    I was smashing shadow orbs when Cthulu came and attacked me =/ (I had no purification powder nor a grappling hook so i was using dynamite). I spent hours before that just trying to get a grappling hook and couldnt so i found a red ballon (Floating island right above my house ftw) and the cloud in a bottle =D.

    Anyways, I was jumping up through the cavern and ran back to my house, went to get some shirikens while little eyes were hitting me. I got em out and got Cthulu half dead. Then i hear a star come out of god damn nowhere and smash him in the head. Seconds later a meteor lands on the far right side of the screen (Which luckily, has no corruption on it =D, i was able to get over to the old man by the dungeon safley)

    Also did the recipe for the flamarang change? I have all the ingredients the wiki says but theres no option to craft it. I can craft a green and a red phaseblade however.

    I'm happy now though, Cthulu got me the last NPC i needed. The dryad =D
  13. Dog.

    Dog. Green Slime

    All of the Meteor weapons/tools except for the star cannon, laser pistol, phaseblade are now made with Hellstone and way more powerful. There is a new Meteor Hamaxe as well.
  14. Kwan

    Kwan Green Slime

    Looks like im digging further down then. Already hit lava in one of my caves early on. Didn't go further down then that because I didn't want to get owned lol. I still haven't even managed to get the hook i need for my hookshot. I need that damn flamarang so I can kill skeltron in a slightly easier fashion
  15. agentknife

    agentknife Green Slime

    Oh gawd.. I just got this D:
  16. pleborian

    pleborian Green Slime

    lol i got the eater of worlds spawn on me today, he followed me back to my pad killed my merchant and then decided to die of his own accord???????? major bugged
  17. DaNerd

    DaNerd Hornet

    Looks like terraria is now a survival horror
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  18. Beauseant

    Beauseant Green Slime

    ... i'm screwed. I think i can't beat this guy with a boomerang and copper armour...
  19. Beauseant

    Beauseant Green Slime

    DAMNIT, got him at 600hp but then i died because the second phase can't be avoided without a freakin double jump...
  20. Jaber

    Jaber Green Slime

    "I think it's lame that bosses don't spawn without being summoned!"
    *bosses spawn without being summoned*
    "I think it's lame that bosses spawn without being summoned!"

    It'll take a while, but you'll have just enough time to kill him with the boomerang. Golden bow + fire arrows will help too.
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