You Feel an Evil Presence Watching You

Discussion in 'PC' started by ug boot, May 31, 2011.

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  1. ug boot

    ug boot Green Slime

    I got the Messege "You Feel an Evil presence watching you"
    so i quickly exited as I have been digging through the earth in search of chests and had like 5 gold coins, does logging out stop him from coming?
  2. bujuman

    bujuman Green Slime

    if you came up automatically eye of cthulu would have come to reap your soul!
  3. Passer

    Passer Dark Caster

    I Didnt feel anything
  4. bujuman

    bujuman Green Slime

    but since you logged out your safe now!
  5. ug boot

    ug boot Green Slime

    I was just digging around in search of a underground jungle, and it appeared randomly, so I looged out.. will it still come?
  6. Passer

    Passer Dark Caster

    No i think
  7. Murphy the Wonder Cat

    Murphy the Wonder Cat Green Slime

    When you log out, it doesn't come.
  8. Rayder Monkey9

    Rayder Monkey9 Green Slime

  9. Jordie

    Jordie Demon Eye

    Happened to me to but i just walking home and nothing happened.
  10. Interest

    Interest Green Slime

    Nope. He shouldn't come at all.
  11. TheTylerLee

    TheTylerLee Doctor Bones

    You dont have to log out until it says "the eye appears" . I litteraly see "you feel an evil presence watching you" Like 10x a day and nothing happens, every now an then it will say "he spawns" then u needa log out cause he will be all over u in like 10 seconds
  12. jokomul

    jokomul Green Slime

    It will be persistent though. For me, whenever I create a new world, it happens every other night or so. Best to just kill it and get it over with.
  13. lazydog70

    lazydog70 Green Slime

    Your probably fine, but he may come back for revenge, might as well kill him
  14. AlphaWhelp

    AlphaWhelp Cursed Skull

    I don't get it... what is the absolute worst thing that can happen? it shows up, kills you, you drop half your coin, it stays there completely unmolested until you back track to pick it up?

    and this is so terrifying that the very thought it might happen immediately prompts me to exit the game...
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  15. Herborist

    Herborist Green Slime

    Turning the game off does stop him from coming assuming you're not on a multiplayer server.

    I would suggest depositing your gold into a chest or piggy bank and then trying to save alive till dawn; he automatically disappears when the sun comes up.
  16. weasel7711

    weasel7711 Green Slime

    I heard you can stop him from coming by turning off your computer, dousing it in Kerosene, and lighting a match...
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  17. Pride

    Pride Yellow Slime

    Search engine please.
  18. Marak

    Marak Devourer

    Just to be nice:

    Once you find enough Crystal Hearts to reach 200 Health, the Eye of Cthulu will appear pretty much every night until you kill him. Arm yourself with a full stack of Shuriken, Lesser Health Potions, and 2 screens' worth of relatively flat ground. He's not that tough, just keep throwing shuriken non-stop whenever he's not in the ground or out of line of sight.
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  19. Coolatomic360

    Coolatomic360 Green Slime

    lol i killed him in 2 seconds :p
    with demon armor and demon scythe...
  20. Lesser health potions? Why even bother? Between the small regen and the long sickness it hardly makes a difference.

    Hold the fight near your homebase, and pay a mid-fight visit to the nurse if necessary.
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