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Discussion in 'Console' started by 505Games, Feb 12, 2013.

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  1. Loki ISP

    Loki ISP Moderator Staff Member

    PuLSe.....I wouldn't assume the winner of one is indicative of the rest....I'm thinking 505 is looking for variety. To show off a wide range of what is possible....
  2. PuLSe

    PuLSe Cactus King

    Okies, you asked for it! While I'm busy putting others pics together, let's let it all hang out...

    Club SuccuBuS. By... everybody... built using... everything...
    Club Succubus.png

    Let's see, there's RainWanderer, Kingpose, Eldoro, Enzym, Draco Stryfe, connery0, ExplosiveSheep, GernotTheClonkerer, Sercease, Howie Lightning, PuLSe... this was supposed to keep you busy while I'm busy...
  3. Loki ISP

    Loki ISP Moderator Staff Member

    That is pretty damned awesome....though you guys would have to pick one of you to receive the prize. :p
  4. Ryan123220

    Ryan123220 Bunny


    A functioning waterfall base with a greenhouse. Interested in watching the build? Ill have the video up in a few hours!
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  5. PuLSe

    PuLSe Cactus King

    Had I known how much work this was going to be (that would have taken 5 seconds of thought) I never would have started this... but once I got going, I didn't want to leave anybody out. I'm sure I'll fail at that. I'll have 1 more post after this - just a few favorite scenes that will include some of the previous builds.

    There are some originals in here, and quite a few that were built using ideas from other sources. I don't know the names of all of them, but I'll at least include builder and method insofar as I'm able.

    17 More from The CraTeR (open)

    Angry birds by geo.calin32, Dinghy by Draco Stryfe, the rest by PuLSe. Built by hand.

    Klingon Bird of Prey by PuLSe. Built by hand and TEdit (shadow orb and insertion of Kieve's Mech). Klingon symbol by Rhytech.
    Bird of Prey.png

    Cyclops by GernotTheClonkerer, Corruptor by Enzym, Sonics by KKslida, Metroid dudes and bird thingy by Sercease - built by hand. Arrangement and terraforming by PuLSe. The tail on left is RainWanderer's Medusa.
    Dipping Cyclops.png

    Spiderman Sonic by Bardioc Thundar, Doom Eye by Sercease. Built by hand.
    Doom Eye and Spider Sonic.png

    Built by hand by Sercease.
    Eyeball dude.png

    Gateway by Kaing. Built by hand and TEdit.

    Invisible Monster by PuLSe, Spiders by PuLSe from StickyIcky design. Built by hand.
    Johnny Quest Invisible Monster.png

    The Monster by kalvindeane (WIP). Built by hand - IMO, the largest single pixel art at this level of detail ever built by hand in Terraria when complete (prove me wrong). There are enormous wings on either side.
    kalvindeane monster head.png

    Mechwarrior Lab by Slownick. Built by hand.
    Large Mech.png

    Medusa's trophy case, built by hand... by many.
    Medusa's Trophy Case.png

    Mechwarriors by Kieve. Built by hand.

    Metroid dude by Sercease, built by hand. Micmic challenge by connery0, built by hand.
    Metroid dude on the pot.png

    Shark by Sercease, built by hand.

    Space Invaders by 8-Bits, Flying Saucer by PuLSe. Built by hand and TEdit.
    Space invaders by 8-Bits.png

    Clouds and Lightning by PuLSe from ExplosiveSheep design. Built by hand and TEdit. The lightning works, creating an obstacle for boss fights in the Haunted Arena. If you load the CraTeR sound file, the music boxes provide thunder.

    Haunted Castles/Skull Arena by PuLSe. Built by hand and TEdit. Bat by KKslida, built by hand. GernotTheClonkerer helped with the doors.
    Haunted Castles.png
  6. Loki ISP

    Loki ISP Moderator Staff Member

    I've loved your posts Pulse. Very worth it!
  7. Varler

    Varler Flying Fish

    I suppose I should enter my stuff as well. Wall Pixel art is my specialty!

    Varler's wall of text art:

    Utsuho Reiuji (By hand, also my first pixel art)

    Samus Aran (By hand)

    Mega Man (By hand, 3 in a row with arm cannonz ftw)

    Terra Branford (By hand)

    Piranha Plant (By hand)

    Yoshi (By hand)

    Bowser Jr. (By hand)

    Shikieiki Yamaxanadu (By hand, but touched up with Microsoft Paint because of ugly wall shading)
    Shikieiki Yamaxanadu.png

    Touhou Hijack (By hand)

    2DForts Central Castle Prototype (With TEdit, and yes, that is the Eye of Sauron on top of a clock tower.)
    V17 Castle.png

    You can see all* of this stuff on 2DForts v17! :D (Screenshots taken and pasted together in Microsoft Paint)

    *Except for Touhou Hijack... that was lost in a catastrophic server crash. :(

    Finally, a little request for Redigit, could you make something near invisible that illuminates an area, but doesn't have to be placed on a block? It would certainly be superior to torches for lighting...
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  8. GernotTheClonkeror

    GernotTheClonkeror Doctor Bones

    Totally forgot this little tidbit I made for a video a while back. Simple, and small yet, somehow, this creation manages to contain the entirety of Terraria.
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  9. PuLSe

    PuLSe Cactus King

    Yeah, I thought about that on some of these and have it figured out - I'll drag you into it!:p

    I'll zip a whole number under 100, password it and send it to you. Builders take their best guess, then I send you password and you reveal... closest to the pin wins! Of course, 505's gotta pick one of 'em first...

    Thanks man, that means a lot.

    @Varler: Nice! Terra Branford is my fav:cool:

    Here's my last gasp here (The crowd goes wild! Wait... what?)

    Just a few of my favorite views, a response to a request, and my very humble abode... I think I've already identified builders and methods for these.

    Ever get the feeling you were being watched?

    The Valley is supposed to be idyllic... harmless... Edenic. Nothing captures that better than the Docks. I love hanging out here.



    These two just belong together.
    eye and cobra.png

    Dueling Dragons.

    My fav of my own builds.
    Haunted Castles.png

    Mad Scientist's Lab. The cannon on the left fires at the Space Invaders above. Flip a switch, and the Wraith in the test tube... writhes. The 'arena' in the top middle is only a temporary structure set up to slaughter Harpies 'cause they pushed me too far...
    Mad Scientist's Lab.png

    By request, Medusa's Trophy Case which honors the major contributors. Sadly, Stratzenblitz75 and GernotTheClonkerer are not yet pictured - their statues are in production...
    Medusa's Trophy case.png

    My humble abode. Bottom left are spartan NPC quarters, quickly converted from an arena I had there until I went out and constructed the Worm Pit. It's been nearly a year and a half since then and I still have yet to come back and finish... sigh...
    PuLSe House.png
  10. LocaButt

    LocaButt Green Slime

    No disrespect toward the fine art you all are doing, its absolutely wonderful art. And I do mean that!! BUT how does Mario and the gang (which I have seen done over and over) represent the functionality or the game at all?
    Let the flaming begin, I don't care - I just had to point that out.
    Again, I don't mean any disrespect toward the winner - it just makes no sense to me.
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  11. MantasX12

    MantasX12 Hell Bat

    Same :D.
  12. PuLSe

    PuLSe Cactus King

    They set up a discussion thread to talk about things related to this one to try and keep this devoted to pics. It's here:
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  13. Dementedioser

    Dementedioser Green Slime

  14. Loki ISP

    Loki ISP Moderator Staff Member

    I'll echo what Pulse said about the other thread.

    I'll also point out that I expect a variety of creations to win - from pixel art to giant Tedit originals and various points in between
  15. Star and Moon

    Star and Moon Blood Crawler

    Not sure why I haven't stuck this here before, but it's my humble castle that I'm very proud of:
    On my first world, it was built entirely by hand, then after it was deleted, I copied it to a new world in TEdit, with minimal changes, and since then it's been tweaked by hand lots of times.

    Oh and damn that left mannequin is still missing it's shirt.
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  16. Rudoboy

    Rudoboy Clown

    Steampunk fortress done! Take pictures was a nightmare for me, I'm not happy with the result but the idea is to have greater level of detail.

    Attached Files:

  17. Gathorius Prime

    Gathorius Prime Cursed Man

    My castle:
    It's called Dragonspire and was built by hand.
    I know it could use more lighting but I like how it worked out anyway:D

    Sorry for multi-posting.
    I kept getting a message stating "unspecified error"
    I assumed that meant that it didn't get posted...
    again my appologies.

    EDIT: I deleted all "clones"
  18. Eldritchsense

    Eldritchsense Green Slime

    I'll go ahead and post three more images from builds I recently found...I was worried I didn't have these worlds anymore.




    That last one is really old, from 1.0 I think. I was going for a Vault kinda feeling. The first one was a floating fortress I managed to build in entirety without my friends on the server finding it until I was completely done.
  19. TehDarkNoob

    TehDarkNoob Raincoat Zombie

    I would post something, but my crap would distract from all the awesome above.
  20. Loki ISP

    Loki ISP Moderator Staff Member

    I would encourage everyone to share what they have. There is beauty in design - from the grandiose to the more simple.

    Look at the thread I posted from mine and Cosmics doesn't come close to the scale of most of this, but we like it, are proud of it, and think it hangs right in there from a design perspective.

    So...please guys, don't hold back....we want to see what EVERYONE has. Be proud and share.

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