Youtube channel uploading weekly builds.

Discussion in 'PC' started by Minkey, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Minkey

    Minkey Green Slime

    This thread is just for the people who are interested in weekly uploads on youtube of terraria builds.

    I haven't uploaded any build yet but I will be uploading one every saturday, so for the people who are interested in seeing that, be sure to subscribe (your own choice) and be sure to give me some ideas! :)

    PS: I will be changing the background, and this channel will be a full-time terraria build channel.

    I'll also post the builds in the build section on this site when they're done.
  2. Mr.Person

    Mr.Person Moth

    Yea? I also got a YouTube channel, but I believe that this is in the wrong section.
  3. Minkey

    Minkey Green Slime

    Ohh, where is the section for stuff like this? Couldn't find one.
  4. Mr.Person

    Mr.Person Moth

    I know, kind of confusing. But I think 'Terraria Videos' is the right one. : )
  5. Tunnel King

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    Welcome to the forums. Also, please don't double-post (like #1 & #2 above); instead, use the little Edit button by the timestamp to add to the previous post. When you get a chance, please read through the Rules (tabbed at top of the page).
  6. Minkey

    Minkey Green Slime

    Thanks alot for the help :)

    I wont post it there untill I actually released one build people will get the feeling they subscribe for nothing :p
  7. Loki ISP

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  8. Minkey

    Minkey Green Slime

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