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Discussion in 'Art' started by zebri, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. InkyTophat Green Slime

    Eh? Do you need the link of the siggy to add it in? I don't think so :p
    Just right click the image.
    copy image URL.
    Click on the tree icon or rather know as insert and edit image icon
    Insert in the URL by pasting and voila!

    Edit: Woops Zebris got ahead of me xD
  2. FyrePony Green Slime

  3. zebri Raincoat Zombie


    Anyways, i made a cartoonish one. Inkytophat said that the effects play a bigger
    role than the text so i made the text a bit smaller. How's it?
  4. FyrePony Green Slime

    btw yes still watching the ep.
    Edit, how do i make spoilers?
  5. zebri Raincoat Zombie

    Type this:

    (spoiler="spoiler name here") text here (/spoiler)

    since i don't want this example to be a spoiler, i replaced " [ " and " ] " with " ( " and " ) "
    so you have to replace them.

    the result should be like this:
    spoiler name here (open)
    text here
  6. FyrePony Green Slime

    Epic Pony :3 btw rainbow dash is so ********** funny
    ( i saw that old pic zeby.. )
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  7. zebri Raincoat Zombie

    Do you mean my old avatar? Yes, i try to change the avatar to a better one but it doesn't work for some reason.

    It worked now. It's way better.
  8. FyrePony Green Slime

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  9. InkyTophat Green Slime

    Ahhh! Of all the rainbowdash avatars!
    This is the

    * Le random dramatic fall on a random appearing sofa *
  10. FyrePony Green Slime

    XD lol if you like rainbow dash check my spoilers...
  11. zebri Raincoat Zombie

    That rainbow dash picture in your sig made you 20% cooler.
  12. FyrePony Green Slime

    Wanna do round 2?
    Which style: 1
    Color scheme: red,white,orange
    Font: Idc ( i dont care )
    Misc. things: Maybe a Pic of the Pony in my Avatar? :p
  13. zebri Raincoat Zombie

    Work in progress.
  14. FyrePony Green Slime

  15. zebri Raincoat Zombie

  16. FyrePony Green Slime

    XD Rainbow dash is so bloody funny and thanks its awesome
  17. zebri Raincoat Zombie

    No problem :D
  18. FyrePony Green Slime

    XD your fast
  19. FyrePony Green Slime

    Well gonna play Terraria now.. Bai
  20. zebri Raincoat Zombie

    Well, it was like this:

    Black background
    Add hexagons, using one of these brushes: klick me.
    Colour hexagons as seen.
    Add rainbow dash to the right.
    Insert worn-off texture as overlay.
    Add text.
    Select alpha channel of text.
    Color text.
    Edit > Stroke selection > 1 px wide.

    Just sayin'.

    *edit* Oops, you ninja'd me. Bye.

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