Pre 1.2 Zombie Survival - Tomb of The Damned

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  1. alecool34

    alecool34 Tim

    This is the third installment to the Zombie Survival series.
    This one takes place in a dungeon, and this time the score wont be going for how many nights you have survived, but how many chests you have unlocked. Do note that this one might be harder than the previous maps in the series. This is currently being worked on.

    Rules for hardcore mode:
    - Hardcore characters, fresh
    - Trash starting equipment

    Rules for normal mode:
    - Softcore/Mediumcore characters, fresh
    - Trash starting equipment
    - Only 5 deaths

    Screenshot of battlement: (Couldn't make it taking more, you'll see why)

    Leaderboards: (If you unlocked every chest, then plus how many Golden Keys you have aquired <not in total>)

    1st -
    2nd -
    3rd -
    4th -
    5th -
    6th -
    7th -
    8th -
    9th -
    10th -

    V1.0.1 - Eased the map a few inches
    And of course, the download:

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  2. JHoliness

    JHoliness Squirrel

    Erm there is jack shit in the starting supplies chest.
  3. alecool34

    alecool34 Tim

    There isnt anything? Thats odd. Ill fix it right away.
  4. alecool34

    alecool34 Tim

    Sorry 'bout that, that was the test version, dunno how that ended up in there xD
  5. i love your series on trying to do these maps , i hope its better than your previous ones
  6. alecool34

    alecool34 Tim

    Pretty much. It's just really F-in hard.
  7. Konnakol

    Konnakol Squirrel

    Alright, I'm gonna try to do this. Hardcore first. Here I go!
  8. hexer1211

    hexer1211 Slimed Zombie

    I beat it, soft core. all chest 4 extra keys. 1 platinum, 21 gold coins. I could have gone longer but i got bored. Great map. This is the only survival map I've actually played long enough to finish it.

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