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  1. Zoodletec

    Zoodletec Wandering Eye



    This is my very animated (mostly) Terraria style sprite bank.
    I have been making game sprites for Terraria mods for well over two years now.
    I've drawn sprites and sprite sheets for my own mods and also my friends.
    If you haven't you should really go check out their mods because they are pretty awesome. (W1K Mod Pack)(Obsidian Mod pack) (CMHQ Mods) Click name for link
    Links for my mods are in my signature.

    Please be respectful to each other and keep in mind I do all this on my own free time for free because I love it.
    Make sure you read the rules as well,

    Here are some of the sprites I have made. More if you click the link at the bottom.

    *Latest Requests* (open)

    Predator -requested by ThatOneRobloxHater and kraidou done =]
    Mushroom Golem -requested by SunnyTheHated done =]
    Colossal Titan -requested by Persuasion done =]
    The Doctor from Doctor Who by antibehroz done =]
    Giant Space Butterfly and Techno Viking by Vladimier done =]
    Corruption Golem by Demon God Lvuul in the works
    More ninjas! by Dontpause done =]
    Bone Golem by Sapharan done =]
    Evangelion Unit 01 by Rufi done =]
    Dinosaur by Joao E Vitor done =]
    Android by Joao E Vitor in the works
    Golden Scarab, Monkey, and Eagle by SunnyTheHated Done =]
    Fairies by FallingTide done =]
    Walking Kitty by Ideafix done =]

    Armor/weapons/tools/items master sheet (open)


    Tiles (open)


    Passive mobs (open)


    [​IMG] Lava Fairy
    [​IMG] Ice Fairy
    [​IMG] Jungle Fairy
    [​IMG] Hallowed Fairy
    [​IMG] Crimson Fairy
    [​IMG] Corruption Fairy
    [​IMG] Steampunk Fairy
    [​IMG] Ocean Fairy
    [​IMG] Sand Fairy
    [​IMG] Mushroom Fairy
    [​IMG] Miner Fairy

    [​IMG] [​IMG] Mr and Mrs Gnome
    [​IMG] Kitten
    [​IMG] Red Fox
    [​IMG] Golden Scarab
    [​IMG] Lobster
    [​IMG] Monkey
    [​IMG] Eagle
    [​IMG]Forest Owl
    [​IMG] Piggy
    [​IMG] Sky Jelly
    [​IMG] Sky Peanutbutter (LULZ)
    [​IMG] Elephant
    [​IMG] Baby Brontosaurus

    [​IMG] Moogle
    [​IMG] The Doctor
    [​IMG] Techno Viking
    [​IMG] Air Strike

    4 Horsemen (open)

    [​IMG] Horseman Of The Apocalypse War
    [​IMG] Horseman Of The Apocalypse Famine
    [​IMG] Horseman Of The Apocalypse Death
    [​IMG]Horseman Of The Apocalypse Conquest

    Giant Golem Type (open)

    [​IMG] Flesh Golem
    [​IMG] Intestine Golem
    [​IMG] Bone Golem
    [​IMG] Crystal Golem
    [​IMG] Steam Golem
    [​IMG] Fungus Golem
    [​IMG] Magma Golem
    [​IMG] Sand Golem
    [​IMG] Colossal Titan

    Martial arts type (open)

    [​IMG] Lost Samurai
    [​IMG] Marrow Gaiden

    Flying type (open)

    [​IMG] Phantom
    [​IMG] Phantom Lord
    [​IMG] Masculine Angel
    [​IMG] Valkyrie
    [​IMG] Armored Angel
    [​IMG] Fallen Angel
    [​IMG] Space Butterfly
    [​IMG] Gargoyle
    [​IMG] Angel Statue Mimic
    [​IMG] Pharoh
    [​IMG] Lil Death
    [​IMG] Haunted Blade
    [​IMG]Alien Spawn
    [​IMG] Mask Of Suffering
    [​IMG]Huanted Doll

    Zombie type (open)

    [​IMG] Zombie Kitteh
    [​IMG] Festering Egg
    [​IMG] Pile O' Zombies
    [​IMG] Toxic Barrel
    [​IMG] Bloody Marry
    [​IMG] Brain Slug Brian
    [​IMG] Riggor Morton
    [​IMG]Zombie Bob
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Zombie Worm

    Ice type (open)

    *ICE TYPE*
    [​IMG] Corrupted Snowman
    [​IMG] Psycho Snowman

    Underworld type (open)

    [​IMG] Demon Assassin
    [​IMG] Demon Chief Assassin
    [​IMG] Blood Worm

    SPIDERS! (open)

    [​IMG] Man Spider
    [​IMG] Spider Spawn
    [​IMG]Frost Queen

    Ocean type (open)

    [​IMG] Electric Eel
    [​IMG] Toxic Shark
    [​IMG] Giant Corrupted Jelly

    Jungle type (open)

    [​IMG]Mutant Toad
    [​IMG] Nightshade
    [​IMG]Tribal Hunter
    [​IMG] Tribal Voodoo Priest

    Referenced mobs (open)

    [​IMG] Mannequin
    [​IMG] Straight Jacket
    [​IMG] Pipe Nurse
    [​IMG] Pistol Nurse
    [​IMG] Screamer
    [​IMG] Securitron
    [​IMG] Securitron MKII
    [​IMG] Slenderman
    [​IMG]Jason Voorhees
    [​IMG] Cerberus
    [​IMG] Parasite Zombie
    [​IMG] Tyrant (made from Omnir's Ancient Behemoth sprite)
    [​IMG] Bone Ark
    [​IMG] Spear Guard
    [​IMG] Medusa
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] White Dragon
    [​IMG]Zombie Spitter
    [​IMG] Undead Crusher
    [​IMG] Boomer
    [​IMG] Tank
    [​IMG] [​IMG] Changeling

    Others (open)

    [​IMG] Mud Man
    [​IMG] Cultist Priest
    [​IMG] Eye Of Lesser Known Villain
    [​IMG] Inch (made from Omnir's Rot Worm Queen sprite)

    Bosses/Mini-Bosses (open)

    [​IMG] The Beast
    [​IMG] [​IMG] The False Prophet
    [​IMG] [​IMG] Lucifer
    [​IMG] Lucifer Dragon Form
    [​IMG] Death Unbound
    [​IMG] Arch Angel
    [​IMG] Devil Doll
    [​IMG] Lady Decay
    [​IMG] Frozen King
    [​IMG] [​IMG] Frost King

    [​IMG][​IMG] Frost King Agro
    [​IMG] Harpinator
    Cyber Dragon
    [​IMG] Nishikigoi
    [​IMG] [​IMG]Pyramid Head
    [​IMG]Shadow Demon
    [​IMG] Necro Harpy

    [​IMG] Drop Ship
    [​IMG] Genius Jet Brain[​IMG] Jet Brain[​IMG] Alien Grunt[​IMG] Plague

    [​IMG] Transporter Ship
    [​IMG] Alien Warrior[​IMG] Alien Archer[​IMG] Alien Soldier[​IMG] Mutated Plague
    Fighter Ships Diamond [​IMG]and Ruby [​IMG]
    Drones Diamond [​IMG] and Ruby [​IMG]
    [​IMG]Mother Alien[​IMG]

    Grim holiday greetings 2013 (open)



    ARANDOMGUY Blazing Wheel

    Wow neat sprites if you do go ahead with the sprite bank will you allow others to post sprites?
  3. Sage of Thyme

    Sage of Thyme Dark Caster

    So... Planning on taking requests? ;)
  4. Beta

    Beta Cursed Skull

    Wow the frozen feel to them is awesome, I'm curious as to what the fusion reactor furnace thingy would make xP
  5. Zoodletec

    Zoodletec Wandering Eye

    Yes actually, that's the plan that way any Mod makers I work with will have easy access to new spriters:)

    I am planning on it ;) I would now but I am very busy working on enemy NPC's and Bosses for W1K's mod. I'm trying to fill up some of the less populated biomes in Hardmode. I've made 6 new enemy NPC's, 2 mini-bosses, and some items for W1K's Mod pack so far. I also made a new Giant Ice Spider boss that will be coming out on Obsidian54's mod soon. I can't wait to see what he has done with it. None of the new ones have been posted here yet. Tell you what I can take your request now but it might be a day or two before I can work on it.

    It would be for fusing Ice crystals into bars for further items like we
  6. Sage of Thyme

    Sage of Thyme Dark Caster

    I don't actually have a request yet, I just wanted to know if you were open. Thanks though!
  7. Zoodletec

    Zoodletec Wandering Eye

    So, I have added sprites in action to the post with some screen shot of me playing with both W1k and Obsidian's Mods both on showing off some in game pics of the sprites I have created. Check them out! and more importantly check out the mods! Together they form (for me at least) a really great version of the game...with more updates forth coming. Tomorrow I will add sprite sheets to the post.
    As always hope you enjoy.
  8. Space Sphere

    Space Sphere Fire Imp

    Unfortunately you seem to have accidentaly used 1x1 pixels in some cases.
  9. Han Solo

    Han Solo Green Slime

    Can you teach me how to mod? I saw you changed names of NPC'S (mobs) and changed names of items. Do you change crafting receives as well? What program do you use? Will you tell me your secret? :D
  10. Zoodletec

    Zoodletec Wandering Eye

    Yeah those sprites were some of the early ones I made. I have redone those sprites. I just haven't replaced the old ones yet. I'll probably do that today.

    I'm sorry:( I'm a spriter I don't make mods. I make characters, items, and enemies for people who make mods(just the pictures). I do not know how to make mods myself. I may try one out myself...one day.
    This link will help you to make your own mod more than I can. Make sure to read everything.
  11. Han Solo

    Han Solo Green Slime

    Ah, a fellow spriter. Can I help making sprites? It would be awesum to help developing a mod!
  12. Zoodletec

    Zoodletec Wandering Eye

    I can definitely see what I can do:) Do you have any sprites I could see?
  13. Han Solo

    Han Solo Green Slime

    Yea sure
    Le tophats: [​IMG] , [​IMG]
    I do almost everything, and if I manage to find a way that you can download these 'files', you can use them in-game, as they are edited files (for exemple: I edit Item_1.xnb -> Convert to .png -> Edit them).
    Im just having slight problems with ImageShack, but i think what the problem is...
    Oh and, I wanna help with the WLK modpack, I find the bossed too not-Terraria style, if you know what i mean...
    PPS: Cant play Terraria, grapichs card broke ;_;
  14. Brainf*ck

    Brainf*ck Green Slime

    I'd say some of them have potential and some look horrible.
  15. Han Solo

    Han Solo Green Slime

    I agree with that! That's why I wanna help spriting with the mod! :p
  16. Zoodletec

    Zoodletec Wandering Eye

    Top hats look ok (more so the first one), but the game has a top hat. Do you have anything else?
    Also I can't say if anything will make it into a mod. I can only show them to mod makers and let them decide if they like them or not. One more thing when you are presenting sprites to a mod maker I found it's better to have a pack of at least a dozen or so sprite to show. They need to know if your style will fits their mod.
    With sending sprites I'd go with mediafire.com or something like that that way you will know the file will be unchanged. I go with photobucket for posting sprite pics but the site likes to resize them a bit and that causes problems for the mod makers.

    Most of the sprites I've posted so far were a learning curve for me. Most of them didn't make it into any mods. You will notice a big difference in the quality when I post the next batch of sprites. It took a little while for me to get my style right.
  17. Han Solo

    Han Solo Green Slime

    I'm working on a Bloodstone and Space set now, it contains:
    Bloodstone ore - Bloodstone bar
    Blood Scythe - Bloody Blade - Bloody Flail
    Blood Armor
    Vampire Blood - Vampire Fang
    NPC Vlad - Mob Vampire
    Vampire Potion

    Space Helmet - Spacesuit - Space Greaves
    Spacium (dirt)
    Asteoridium (stone)
    Galaxium (ore) - Alieum (ore)
    Space Rifle
    Spacium Drill - Spacium Hamsaw - Spacium Lightblade - Space Crossbow - Bolts

    Rain - Thunderstorm - Blizzard
    Thunderstorm + Collider + Glass Ball (5 Glass) = Thunderball
  18. Han Solo

    Han Solo Green Slime

    Bloodstone set done!
    Bloodstone ore & bar (based on Demonite) : [​IMG] / [​IMG]
    Blood Armor (The helmet looks shitty, i know): [​IMG] / [​IMG] / [​IMG]
    Bloodstone Scythe & Flail : [​IMG] / [​IMG]
    Vampire fang & blood: [​IMG] / [​IMG]
    (Town) NPC "Vlad" the Vampire : [​IMG]

    Vampire Potion: [​IMG]

    I hope you like it!
    (Note to readers: If you see 403 forbidden, go futher, it means I updated my files :D)
    TehEpikMonk likes this.

    ARANDOMGUY Blazing Wheel

    We need to get a sprite bank set up what were you thinkIng for how to do it
  20. Han Solo

    Han Solo Green Slime

    I don't get what you're trying to say...

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