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    Hello, everybody. I am fairly new to doing LP's, and I've been working on a youtube channel for mine. Along with several other games, I am starting a series on Terraria. My channel is Zzandrio's Gaming Channel and my playlist of terraria videos is here
    If anyone is interested, give them a watch. I would love to get constructive feedback, as I am trying to improve my let's plays.

    Episode 1: A Swift Death

    Episode 2: Mining Expedition and Mystery Bomb

    Episode 3: Progress!

    Episode 4: This Game Hates Me

    Episode 5: Quest for the Elusive Life Crystal

    Episode 6: The Cave of a Thousand Life Crystals

    Episode 7: Preparing for the Eye

    Episode 8: The Eye of Cthulhu

    Episode 9: Attacked by Goblins!

    Episode 10: The Eater of Worlds
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  2. Zzandrio Green Slime

    I'm just updating this, as I'm now up to ten episodes on my hardcore terraria series. :)
  3. Zzandrio Green Slime

    Episode 11: Skeletron!
  4. Zzandrio Green Slime

    Episode 12: Looting the Dungeon
  5. Zzandrio Green Slime

    Episode 13: Finishing Up the Dungeon

    Episode 14: Epic Failure
  6. Zzandrio Green Slime

    Episode 15: The Road to Recovery
  7. Zzandrio Green Slime

    Episode 16: Crystal Farming
  8. Zzandrio Green Slime

    Got a few more episodes up, I've made it to the underground jungle. :)
    Episode 17: Welcome to the Jungle

    Episode 18: Jungle Hunt
  9. Zzandrio Green Slime

    Episode 19: Quest for the Shadow Key
  10. Zzandrio Green Slime

    With these last three episodes, I've finished my hardcore Terraria series. :) I plan to do a hardmode series as well, but that will not be hardcore.

    Episode 20: I Will Mine Those Meteors!

    Episode 21: I Want a Shadow Chest

    Episode 22 (FINAL): The Wall of Flesh

    Thanks to anyone who watched, I had a good time making these! :)

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